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Clare Accordion is my third Irish accordion music recording to date. It features fourteen popular jigs, reels and hornpipes. All tunes are traditionally Irish, originating from all over Ireland including Cork, Wexford, Sligo, Clare and Cavan.


Seamus Walshe - Traditional Irish Music
  "Clare Accordion" is a joy to listen to, easy and uncontrived with melody and rhythm esplicitly prioritised. Outstanding among the four hornpipe sets are The Stage/Queen of the West and Mulqueeny's/The Wanderer.

Nuala O'Connor - Irish Times - August 23rd 1996


  Seamus Walshe is joined by some of Ireland's best known traditional musicians and being in such illustrious company could phase others - the intimacy of Seamus Walshe's Irish accordion music playing still wins through. A Clare man playing in a simple, uncluttered accordion style "Clare Accordion" has a purity and honesty that befits somebody completely at home with their music.

John O'Regan for Rock 'N' Reel Music Magazine


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